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Literature 1. Ochoa, J. Learning morphosyntactic patterns for multiword term extraction. Essays 6 26— 2. Harris, Z. Distributional structure. WORD 10 2—3— Elnagar, A. Comparative study of sentiment classification for automated translated Latin reviews into Arabic. AISC, vol.

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Springer, Cham is springer single Vani, K. Text plagiarism classification using syntax based linguistic features. Expert Syst.

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Detection of idea plagiarism using syntax—semantic concept extractions with genetic algorithm. Is springer single text plagiarism using syntactic-semantic based natural language processing techniques: Moradi, M.

Different approaches for identifying important concepts in probabilistic biomedical text summarization. Yousefi-Azar, M. Text summarization using unsupervised deep learning. Gambhir, M. Recent automatic text summarization techniques: Acronyms as an integral part of multi-word term recognition—a token of appreciation. IEEE Access 6, — Ali, A. Unsupervised concept hierarchy induction based on Islamic glossary.


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Learning semantic relations from Spanish natural language documents in the financial domain. Kuang, Z. Integrating multi-level deep learning and concept ontology for large-scale visual recognition.

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Pattern Recognit. Ochieng, P.

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Berners-Lee, T. The semantic web. Maedche, A. Ontology learning for the Semantic Web. IEEE Intell. Unadkat, R.: Survey paper on semantic web. Pervasive Ubiquit.

Chen, P. Integrating natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to categorize singlewandern oberösterreich response in radiology reports. Imaging 31 2— Nguyen, A.

Structured pathology reporting for cancer from free text: Lung cancer case study.

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Information Extraction in the Web Era. Terminology extraction: Sirmakessis, S. Knowledge Mining.

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Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, vol. Rousseau, F. Main core retention on graph-of-words for single-document keyword extraction. Hanbury, A. ECIR Yao, X. Concept extraction is springer single on hybrid approach combined with semantic analysis. Smatana, M. Extraction of keyphrases from single document based on hierarchical concepts. Al-Abdallah, R. Arabic single-document text summarization using particle swarm optimization algorithm.

FreeLing 3.

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Istanbul, Turkey. UPCommons, http: Accessed 08 Is springer single Is springer single semantic role-based methodology for knowledge acquisition from Spanish documents. Subramaniam, T. Overview of textual antispam filtering techniques. Kotelnikov, E.

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A close look at russian morphological parsers: Filchenkov, A.